The Emirati Children’s Parliament consists of 40 members from all the emirates, equally between males and females. Similar to the composition of the Federal National Council, and their ages range between (10 and 16 years old), and among them are members of “People of Determination” representing the children of the UAE. The membership term is two years.

The Emirati Children’s Parliament is, distributed over the Emirates, as follows:

The Goal of Establishing Parliament

  1. Consolidation of participation in decision-making through dialogue and expression of opinion in an organized framework among children.
  2. Preparing a generation capable of practicing its societal roles and its effective contribution to community building and development.
  3. Familiarizing children with their rights and how to defend them in accordance with the National Strategy for Motherhood and Childhood, the Child Protection Law (Wadeema) and the International Convention for the Protection of Child Rights.
  4. Training Emirati children to use the means of expressing opinions and accepting others opinions in accordance with parliamentary work mechanisms.
  5. Enhancing the role of the Emirati child towards his national and Arab issues, exchanging experiences with the Arab Parliament for Children and other Arab parliaments, and serving as a platform for simulation and training for the children of the United Arab Emirates.
  6. Participation in forums and festivals for children at the Arab and international level.

Membership Conditions

  1. He/She must be a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, and permanently residing in the emirate he/she represents.
  2. To not be older then the approved age for membership.
  3. To be distinguished.
  4. Guardian approval for participation in the Parliament.